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Questions we get from companies

Questions we get from individuals


Questions we get from companies …

Q: Why should we use your company for outplacement?

A:  It is always a very difficult decision for executives to make when they know that they have to lay off an individual or group.  To offer outplacement assistance is a way to “ease the pain” a bit.  It shows the employee they are in this transition period through no fault of their own, and that they are cared about, even though they may think otherwise.  It shows fellow employees the same.  Outplacement services can also assist the employee and give them the tools they need to find a new career in a faster amount of time than they may have been able to do by themselves.

Q: Do you offer your outplacement services to companies who have employees based in states other than South Carolina?

A:  South Carolina is our “home base”.   We have many close community contacts within the state and in the southeastern region of the United Sates.  We have on occasion worked with our South Carolina based client contacts when they have a need in other areas of the country.  With today’s technology driven marketplace, much can be handled “through the wires”.   We always prefer that “human contact”, but will be happy to discuss any individual situation needs a company may have.  


Q: What type of office setting and services will be available to the employees in transition?

A:  Our office is located off of I-26 just ten minutes from downtown Columbia, SC with free parking and coffee.  We have both office and cubicle style settings for employees to work out of.  All are equipped with phones, computers with Internet access, and office supplies.  Along with the counseling services, we also provide secretarial support, fax, copier, postage, and employment reference material.    

Q: Do you set a time limit when working with an outplacement candidate?

A:  Many national or franchised outplacement firms will contract their fees for a 90-day service period of time, after which the client is on his/her own.  At Crutchfield Associates, Inc., a client is able to use our office and services until they find a job.   Although many of our clients make their career transition within the first few months, others require more time and we understand and accommodate this need.


Q: Why should we use your company for recruiting?

A:  We take great pride in the fact that the majority of the time, our clients hire the first candidate interviewed through Crutchfield Associates, Inc.  Our success rate can be attributed in part to the fact that we take the time to get to know both the applicant and the client company.  Making sure the chemistry is right often times is the key to a perfect match.


Q: What is the cost of hiring an applicant through Crutchfield Associates, Inc.?

A:  No set fee schedule seems appropriate for all placements across the board.  A general industry standard seems to be 25-30% of the first year salary to be paid the recruit.  We believe you will find that Crutchfield Associates, Inc. is very competitive in comparison to others in our industry, and can be flexible to meet your specific needs. 


Q: Do you limit your placements to any particular type of industry or profession?

A:  Crutchfield Associates, Inc. has dealt with thousands of clients over the past fifteen years in varying industries and professions.  Since we receive so many referrals on both the applicant and client side of the business, we will always accept a resume or placement order.  Our associates have a variety of professional backgrounds and contacts in many different areas.  We work closely and share information on all placements in order to make the best match possible in every situation.

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Questions we get from individuals…  

Q: I recently lost my job and my company has given me the choice of using any company for outplacement assistance.  Why should I choose Crutchfield Associates, Inc.?

A:  We are working for you whether you choose Crutchfield Associates, Inc., or your employer makes the decision for you.  We offer solid community contacts, a personable office setting with all needed technology at your disposal, and a staff of professionals whose main goal is assisting you during your transition period.  We have an extremely convenient location, accessible without the hassle of city traffic congestion.  Our reputation in the field can be proven through the fact that Crutchfield Associates, Inc. has not solicited outplacement business since 1988.  All business has come to us through referrals and repeat satisfied clients.  We want you to inquire about Crutchfield Associates, Inc., and our reputation, then make the decision that is best for you.  


Q: I recently lost my job and my company has not provided any outplacement assistance for me.  Will you still work with me in my career search?

A:  Of course!  We will always be available to talk with individuals about their situation and the next step that they need to take.  Some individuals may just require a resume revision, or a little career counseling.  We are very flexible in working out individualized services and fee schedules to fit within your budget. 


Q: My past employer has contracted Crutchfield Associates, Inc., for my transition period.  Do I have to go into the office everyday or at any certain times?  I’d really like to take some much-needed time off relaxing.    

A:  An outplacement client is never required to do anything with our associates, or within the walls of our office.  All should remember though, that you will only get as much out of our services as you are willing to put into the process.  Many past outplacement clients have stated that the effort they put into finding a new opportunity was the hardest work they have done in years!  It is a full time job to find a new one.  We have noticed over the years that the people who find work the fastest are the ones who put the most effort into the process.  We are available to give you the assistance that you need, don’t be afraid to ask!   


Q: I’m working now, and interested in looking for a new job.  There are so many blind box ads and people who know people, I’m afraid my employer may find out that I’m looking to make a change.  Help!

A:  OK, so this may not be a question, but it is a real concern to many in the job market.  Many people in this situation prefer to find a new career though a third party.  Our associates discretely handle inquires and are able to shield applicants from certain companies of concern during their search.    


Q: Can I pay you money to find me a great job?

A:  Wouldn’t that be great?!  One of our goals is to of course make as many quality placements as possible, but we are not a firm who’s business is to “find people jobs”.  As stated earlier, we will always be available to talk to people about what they are looking for and welcome resume submissions, but we unfortunately are not be able to place everyone we come in contact with.  The client company, not the individual, pays all recruiting placement fees.

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